Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise 50PC


Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise 50PC

    Windows 10 Enterprise is an enterprise version of the new Microsoft operating system. In addition to the features included in Windows 10 Pro, this version includes other features that make your day-to-day business easier and more efficient. Compatibility with touch devices means you're more flexible than ever and can work on ideas at almost any location.
    The modern and user-friendly interface lets you work intuitively and the returned start menu provides the necessary clarity. Windows 10 Enterprise also automatically adapts to each device and its individual properties. For example, the view on a desktop PC is different from the view on a tablet. The barely changed system requirements ensure that you can also use Windows 10 Enterprise on older devices and that no new hardware is required for the system to run stably.

    Special features in Windows 10 Enterprise Edition

    • Direct Access" for transparent and secure access of mobile employees to the company network
    • AppLocker" is Microsoft's extended successor to the Software Restriction Policies (SRP), with which admins can prevent the start or installation of unwanted software
    • The"Branch Cache", which requires a Windows server from 2012, checks before accessing a file located on a remote server whether a local PC with a fast connection already caches an identical copy.
    • The "Device Guard" lets you define the permissible App sources
    • Windows To Go" allows you to install Windows 10 Enterprise on a USB stick

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